Suvika Fertility Centre, established in 2008, is a renowned clinic for infertility treatments and taking care of pregnant mothers. All the medical requirements that should be accomplished by a pregnant mother are taken care of by the Suvika Fertility Centre and it is bound to provide you the best and the most comfortable service to ensure the health of both the mother and child. We work under the aim of achieving a healthy nation through healthy labour and we are dedicated to provide the best to all the patients. We help build families through treating infertility using the latest technology. We have quite a lot of successful stories where hundreds of mothers who suffered years without a child could eventually be happy with a child. We have a staff consisted of friendly, experienced and educated professionals to provide the most to our patients. Another speciality of ours is that we are always available at your service 24/7.


Our vision is to contribute a healthy and a well built generation to our country


To achieve our goal of presenting our country with a healthy generation, we are engaged in providing a service that is friendly to our customers so that they will be contented and be comfortable throughout their pregnancy and educating them so that they will be more aware and careful about their health, treating them with the latest technology that they will be benefitted with the best results and providing all the necessary facilities for a safe and a successful delivery.

Why Chose Us

  • Professional Assistance

    We provide you with the best professional assistance during your pregnancy. The doctors we have employed are all qualified with the required qualifications and they are well experienced in the field as well. From the nurses who take care of your vaccination and what is more, to the doctor who consults your delivery, everyone is educated and is a professional in the field. It is the trust our clients have kept on us which has taken us this far in the field.

  • Staff

    Our staff is qualified, as already stated above and they are friendly. When we recruit our staff we specially take care that they have the required level of education and experience in the field. They are extremely helpful in your needs and will take care of you during your pregnancy as if she is a friend or a family member.

  • Experience

    Suvika fertility centre has a large number of success stories when it comes to normal deliveries as well as the cases where the infertility was treated. We have helped a number of families to realize their dream about a child and we are happy to say that the cry of a new born child is our greatest wealth. Our experience in the field has lifted us to where our customers have kept their confidence and hope on us.

  • Technology

    Suvika is a place which provides you all the necessities you need regarding the pregnancy. We have a clinic, a well woman centre, a pharmacy, a baby shop with baby items, and a centre for scanning. This is a place where you can get all the services related to your pregnancy under one roof and it is also the ultimate destination of the mothers who want to realize their dream about a child.

  • All in one place

    We use the latest technology to treat the pregnant mothers and treat the infertility. We use the latest mechanisms and help the dreams of our clients come true. We also use technology to educate the mothers and to remind them about the doctors’ appointments and the clinic dates.

MD’s Message

Suvika was established with the hope of rewarding the nation with a healthy future generation. We are equipped with a talented and professional panel of doctors, nurses and employees who are abide to provide the mothers of the nation with a friendly and a successful service.

Our premium service rendered to the nation is treating infertility using the latest technology and techniques available in the medical field. We assure that all these methods are safe and approved by the Ministry of Health in Sri Lanka. Throughout the history of our inauguration, we have helped hundreds of mothers to realise their dream of having a child.

Apart from treating infernality, we also have a number of other services which are specially rendered in order to gift the nation with healthy children. Suvika is a place where you can have all the pregnancy related services under one roof. We have the services categorized as consultation, scanning, pharmacy, lab and baby shop. You need not tire yourself during pregnancy by going to several places in order to give birth to a healthy child. Suvika is that one place where you can get all these facilities under one roof.

If you have any question, suggestion or complain regarding the services we provide, contact me directly and all your inquiries will be taken into consideration instantly.

I invite you to go through our web site carefully in order to have a clear idea about our services and the pregnancy related information that you should know.