Pregnancy Signs

Missed Period

A missed menstrual period is usually the first sign of pregnancy for many women. Sometimes a small amount of implantation bleeding occurs and can be mistaken as a period and pregnancy is not suspected or confirmed until a second period is missed.
It is unusual for pregnant women to continue menstrual periods though it has been known to happen. For mothers who already have given birth, leaking breast milk may signal subsequent conception.

Frequent Urination

As the levels of progesterone increase, your bladder muscles relax.
Increase in Blood Supply
This will occur throughout your body. You may notice tiny blood vessels in your face or a reddening of your palms. You may also have less sensitivity to hot and cold.

Sinus Congestion

The mucus membranes in your nose may swell, causing difficult breathing and snoring.

Tender & Swollen Breasts

Breasts become fuller, more tender and may tingle or throb.
It is common to feel tired during the day with constant yawning. You may also have trouble motivating yourself.
As the levels of progesterone rise softening muscles in your womb and intestine, bloating and constipation are likely.